Claire Wisner - Exchange at Bielefeld

My Exchange Story


Claire Wisner - Exchange at BielefeldMy Name is Claire Wisner and I am a Business Management major. I had the life changing experience of going on a summer exchange program through Northern Michigan University. I knew goinClaire Wisner - Exchange at Bielefeldg into college, I was going to study abroad at some point. I did not know details, but I knew I wanted it to graduate on time, not go deeper into debt, and find an English program because I didn’t know any foreign languages. That is when I found out about an exchange opportunity that fit every single need I had.


The program was a 6-week long summer program located in Bielefeld, Germany. The program was 6 credits of European Politics and Business classes and also included 3 field trips: Berlin and Frankfurt Germany, and also Rotterdam and Amsterdam in The Netherlands.Claire Wisner - Exchange at Bielefeld


Not only did I learn in the classroom, but I learned just as much outside of the classroom on our field trips and from all of the people I met. Because of this exchange program, I am able to graduate a semester early from college, which saves me A LOT of money. I also have friends from all over the world that I still keep in touch with. This exchange program changed my life for the better by giving me an opportunity that many people only dream of.