Semester, Summer or Year Abroad

Have you ever considered taking a summer, semester, or year of classes abroad?

With our partners, there are great opportunities for you to experience classrooms on the flip-side of the globe and gain an in-depth view of world cultures up-close and daily! The benefits of studying abroad for students in college are numerous, and traveling overseas for school doesn't have to be as expensive as you think. In fact, some nations experience cheaper cost of living than the United States. 

Why consider a longer term abroad?

Spending more time abroad can help you to break out of your comfort zone, become more independent, and challenge yourself with uncommon experiences that help you gain a better sense of who you are and what’s important. If a foreign language is your goal, being immersed in a culture that speaks the language you want to learn is the quickest and most effective way to learn it. When you study overseas, you can also take courses you don’t have the opportunity to take at home. You can also explore new hobbies or sports that aren’t as popular (or possible) to practice, and learn to interact with a culture different from your own. Most students who’ve studied abroad claim their time overseas was the best year of college. You’ll meet new friends who will want to share their culture, ideas, and learn about your, while creating lasting memories and developing life-long relationships.

Immersing yourself in a totally different culture is powerful. You’ll experience things like trying different foods, celebrating traditional customs, and learning the history of another country. A person’s culture reflects deep perceptions, beliefs, and values that influence their way of life. You’ll gain an understanding of this that can’t be taught with books. Previously held beliefs about foreign countries will change once you’ve been abroad. You may gain a new perspective on your own country too. It can be surprising just how much you know is slightly biased, based on where you’re from. It’s also a unique opportunity to educate others on your country, dispelling their stereotypes about you!    Do you need more reasons? This article will give you 10!


Our program partners:

International Studies Abroad (ISA) provides students the opportunity to spend a semester, year, summer, or internship abroad in locations throughout the world. You can also add service learning experiences onto your study abroad if you wish! Explore a current list of ISA options here:

The Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) offers students the opportunity to use the world as their classroom, and can create customized options and "block" programming, so that a student could study in up to 3 different locations in one semester. Check out their list of flexible options here:

Global Education Oregon- Our partnership with the University of Oregon offers students specialized options and hands-on experiences that can enhance the outcomes of your major at NMU! Visit:

Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU) allows students to experience Japan up close. Learn more here:

Classport is an organization based in Dublin that offers students customized internships, summer options, and experiential learning throughout Ireland! Learn more here:

Exchange Opportunities are study abroad opportunities at international universities that have direct relationships with NMU! Learn more here: NMU Exchange Partners

NMU also has enrollment partnerships with:

Salzburg College – located in Austria

The University of Roehampton- located near London

Edge Hill University – Located in Ormskirk, England

Oxford University -