February/March 2010

Buongiorno! During the first week in Rome, ISA takes students to most of the main areas in Rome. One place that not a lot of people see is the Gianicolo Hill. This is the second highest hill in Rome but is not one of the Seven Hills of Rome. This hill was originally located outside the city, but as the more people came to populate Rome, Gianicolo became the unofficial eighth hill.

The semester has finally started and classes are starting to get into the swing of things. Of course the best part of classes is the lunch break when most students converge at the local pizzeria, Pizzeria del Simone.

In my opinion the best pizza I have ever had, period. This is a must stop for any trip to Rome.

Of course food can’t be the only thing to appreciate in Rome. The buildings here are gorgeous; the one I really like is The Monument of Victor Emmanuel II located in Piazza Venezia. It is lovingly nicknamed the wedding cake building by most Italians since they don’t believe this building has that Roman feeling. It holds more significance with me since this building is literally the center of Rome and the end of the bus line for the 44 Bus.

This past weekend some of the girls from school and I traveled in the Tuscan countryside, more specifically to Pisa and Siena. These towns are so beautiful. Pisa for the most part was a photo shoot in front of the tower, (yes we sometimes break down and become tourists.)

Siena is just gorgeous; however on the day that we arrived, there had been a snow storm (nothing like Marquette.) I took an opportunity to sit at a café in Piazza Del Campo and sipped on an Espresso. Even with the snow, the Piazza was beautiful.

And of course I couldn’t leave without finding an over look of the countryside.

So far the semester is shaping up to become something great. I have great friends and awesome adventures to come. I can’t wait to see what comes my way next. Until then Ciao Ciao Ragazzi!

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