Global Engagement

Global engagement is a vital component to a relevant 21st century education.  NMU faculty and staff already possess a wealth of international expertise, but this expertise is of limited value if it is neither shared nor accessible.  In an age when opportunities abound to connect with people, ideas, and organizations from around the globe, access to country-specific information is important for allowing people to take advantage of such opportunities.

For example, if someone is submitting a grant proposal to work with an organization in Indonesia, it would be beneficial to find Bahasa speakers on campus and talk to people who know the area you are planning to work in.  Or, if a professor wants their students to have a better perspective on specific issue in China, it would be useful to find people on campus who can give their students an insider's perspective.  It is for these reasons that the International Programs Office offers the NMU Global Engagement Database.

The Global Engagement Database is a searchable repository of information on international involvement by NMU faculty and staff.  The information contained in the database is voluntarily submitted by anyone with international experience, second or other language skills, or regional/area expertise.  Those who submit information to the database are willing to be contacted to share their expertise.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the Global Engagement Database, please contact the International Programs Office at We hope you all take advantage of this valuable resource.

1 Those creating a profile will be able to enter information based on language abilities, international experience, and research/work areas. In order to ensure information is submitted securely and accurately, an NMU login is required.  All submissions are confirmed and verified by the International Programs Office.  Also, any time a profile is added, deleted, or edited, an email notification will be sent to the individual.  In the event that someone receives an email notification who did not add or change their profile, they should contact the International Programs Office.

2 An NMU login is not required to search the database.