As a university student, performing well academically is important. What you learn in your studies prepares you for jobs you will have during your adult life. Prepare yourself by viewing which courses NMU offers, how to drop or add classes after a semester has started, how to view your grades, and the requirements for graduation.

Undergraduate Course Bulletin
Everything you need to know about Northern's undergraduate programs, the 180 degrees offered and unlimited ways to customize your education.  Plus all the details and resources for your academic journey.

Graduate Course Bulletin
Northern Michigan University features 30 programs leading to master's degrees, specialist degrees, certificates, endorsements or certifications, offered by 10 departments.

Course Timetable
The course timetable is a quick link to show you which courses are offered during the fall, winter, and summer semesters. Some of the courses may not be offered when you want to take them, so it is important to know the information and plan ahead for future semesters. Get the information from the web site, check with your adviser, and make sure you are on the right track!

You can obtain the final grades usually by the first Thursday after the semester ends. Browse through the web site and you’ll obtain the directions to view or print your grade report.

If you need to add or drop a course, you must be aware of the certain rules you have to follow. Browse through this web site for more options or stop by the Student Service Center in C.B. Hedgcock (Room 2201) for more information.

This link provides information on NMU’s graduation process and commencement ceremonies. You can also find helpful tips to prepare you for graduation.