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ISA in Ireland! - Wildcat Maryheather's experience    

ISA in Ireland! - Wildcat Maryheather's experience    Studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland through ISA has given me so many opportunities. Within one semester, I was able to hike the Swiss Alps, explore new cities, search for the Loch Ness monster, immerse myself in culture, and learn more about myself. ISA gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in Irish culture and learn how to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. Before going on this adventure,ISA in Ireland! - Wildcat Maryheather's experience    I was timid and did not like to do things alone. Studying abroad helped me conquer these fears and gave me the courage to travel to Switzerland solo and explore places extremely far outside of my comfort zone. While some of my travels were solo, I was also able to travel with my ISA group on ISA sanctioned trips. ISA took me on amazing excursions to see parts of Ireland I may have otherwise never explored. I was able to see the Ring of Kerry, Trinity College, and the Cliffs of Moher all with my ISA group. These endless opportunities, lifelong friends, and amazing memories were all made possible because of my involvement with ISA.

ISA gave me so much more than travel experience. When we weren't traveling, I met with my ISA group to do everyday things like explore Limerick, study for exams, and cook family style dinners. Going with ISA gave me a much needed support system and family for my time in Ireland. Towards the end of my semester abroad, I got extremely sick and almost had to end my time abroad early. Luckily, my ISA advisor abroad was able to take me to doctor appointments and hospital visits as needed. Without the support and help of my advisor abroad, my overall experience most likely would not have been as pleasant.

ISA provided a safe, exciting, and adventurous abroad experience. If I could go back and do my abroad experience again, I would chose ISA every time.