ISA - Buenos Aires - Jessica Lapacz

Buenos Aires, Argentina- Jessica’s Study Abroad

Buenos Aires, Argentina- Jessica’s Study AbroadAs an International Studies major here at NMU, I have the opportunity to study abroad as a requirement for my major. I did this through the ISA program and chose Buenos Aires, Argentia to spend my Fall 2018 semester of my junior year of college. ISA was such a big help in answering all my questions about the program I chose and to prepare for this new adventure. In Buenos Aires, I went to the Universidad del Belgrano where I took 2 literature classes, history of Latin America, and Pop Culture of Argentina. During my time in Argentina, I stayed with a host mom, who was one of the sweetest Buenos Aires, Argentina- Jessica’s Study Abroadwomen I have ever met. She was so helpful in giving advice and recommendations on places to go. She also was a very good cook, so I enjoyed eating dinners at home with her.


Through my program I was able to go on weekend excursions to the Ibera Wetlands, Iguazu Falls, and a separate trip to Mendoza with some friends. From these trips I kayaked, camped, got extremely wet, took a wine bike tour, and had unbelievable views. We also had day excursions planned to Colonia, Uruguay, El Tigre, Dia del Campo, and a few others. I am glad I was able to see the city, touristy areas, and appreciate the natural beauty it has to offer.


Buenos Aires, Argentina- Jessica’s Study AbroadI enjoyed exploring the city with the many friends I met during this experience, especially since I did not go into this trip knowing anyone prior. We took a tour of Teatro Colon (one of the most famous opera houses), visited various art museums, walked for hours through weekend craft markets, and of course visiting as many cafes and restaurants. One experience I will never forget is being able to see Shakira in concert during her tour. This was an opportunity my friends and I could not and were not willing to pass up and it was definitely one of my most memorable nights.


From my experience abroad I developed the confidence to take opportunities as they came and tried to explore as much as I could. I wanted to get as much as I could out of this experience and I feel like I was able to do that. If given the opportunity, I would definitely go back to Argentina and travel to other places that I didn’t get a chance to explore.