IPO in the News

  • Students_VideoCamera.jpgAsian Correspondent article about NMU's up-and-coming College of Business and their MBA program. Click here for the full article (9/27/12)
  • Northwind newspaper article about studying abroad (8/30/12).
  • Northwind newspaper article about NMU's India volunteer abroad program (8/30/12).
  • TV6 News story about NMU's newest International Students (8/27/12).
  • TV6 News feature about the importance of studying abroad in college (2/14/12).
  • Mining Journal newspaper feature about cultural exchange and the CAYA program (1/28/12).
  • TV6 News story about the Central American Youth Ambassador (CAYA) program visiting Superior Central Schools (1/26/12).
  • TV6 News feature about entrepreneurship as part of the CAYA program (1/26/12).
  • North Wind newspaper article about leadership skills and the CAYA program (1/26/12).