Internship Abroad

Internship Abroad


An internship is an opportunity to integrate professional, career-related experience into an undergraduate education by participating in planned, supervised work. Internships expose students to responsibilities and experiences in career fields of interest and complement what is learned in the classroom.

Why consider an international internship?

Exposure to international culture is becoming a necessary and valuable experience for college graduates entering the job market. An international internship in an academic program brings a significant edge to individuals when seeking career employment. Interns not only gain practical work experience in a field that they intend to pursue but also build cross-cultural competence.

Where can I intern for NMU credit?

Almost anywhere around the world! NMU has partner programs offering placements in New Zealand or Australia, China, Japan, Argentina, Ireland, Europe – including France and Spain… and more.

How do I arrange credit?

Before you sign up for a partner program, talk to your NMU academic advisor and your academic department head. It's important to know the rules and procedures for arranging internship credit, because departments vary in their requirements. Most internships are offered as Internship Credit under a 498 course number or 495 as Directed Study.

What kind of internships are available?

NMU students have found exciting internships in:

  • Legal firms and Political offices                                       Theater, Journalism, Documentary Film
  • Finance and Accounting                                                  Business and Hospitality Management
  • Environmental Science and Alternative Energies            Computer Information and Science
  • Conservation and Outdoor Recreation                            Other ideas? Explore your dreams!

NMU Partner Programs

TaLK Program: Teach and Learn in Korea - Selected students teach English under the direction of certified teachers in rural South Korean public schools. Qualified applicants receive transportation costs, housing and a monthly stipend

Classport- offers internships and experiential learning opportunities in a variety of majors

CIEE helps students to gain real-world experience, build a strong resume, and acquire global competencies overseas as an intern

ISA –International Studies Abroad – offers internships in many locations and to assist students in a variety of majors

Global Links – with placements to supplement academic semesters OR stand-alone internships

EducationUSA - American students are invited to assist EducationUSA through internship opportunities at participating advising centers around the world. An excellent opportunity for a student planning to study abroad or for recent college graduates

The placement process for each program differs, but always includes a review of your resumé and academic transcripts, a strong statement of purpose, and usually an interview prior to final placement

Fees and Financial Aid

Most international internships are NOT paid – in fact, you will pay a fee to the organization to cover expenses such as on-site management and supervision, housing, cultural experiences or field excursions, and reporting costs for your NMU academic department. You will also need to budget for personal spending and international airfare.

If you are on an NMU-partner internship program and are earning academic credit, you may apply financial aid towards the total cost of your internship abroad. The International Programs office will prepare a budget that includes your cost-of-attendance for the internship portion of your semester. You will then schedule an appointment with an NMU Financial Aid officer to discuss options for funding.

How to Apply

  1. After talking with your NMU academic department head and/or advisor, schedule an appointment with us 
  2. Complete the appropriate application forms associated with your program.
  3. Arrange appropriate NMU course registration for the semester of your internship.
  4. Complete all interview processes, book airfare, pay your NMU e-bill, and attend the mandatory orientation session hosted by the IES each semester.