I'm Accepted - Now What?

Study Abroad
NMU students in Teotihucan, Mexico.

Once you have been accepted by your study abroad program, you will receive additional information from your provider or host university that you are responsible to complete. 

Course Selection and Pre-evaluation
NMU values the academic experience that forms the basis of your study abroad program.  You will not be registered in NMU study abroad credits or receive direct academic credit for your program course selections unless you complete the credit pre-evaluation process prior to the study abroad.   If you do not register for study abroad credits (IP286x) using the process outlined below, your credits may not apply as direct credit, and you will be required to pay a fee for evaluation as transfer credit by an outside international credit evaluation agency identified by the International Programs office. 

Select the course(s) you will take abroad.  You may want to have up to 3 or 4 additional courses evaluated in the event that your selections are not offered, or a course is canceled on-site after your program begins.

Request or download the syllabus and/or course descriptions from the program site or university website.  Include contact hours or other information provided by the program host concerning how often the class meets, recommended US equivalents
for semester credits, etc.   

Write the name of each individual course you will take abroad in the left hand-column of the form.  Take the form and course descriptions to the appropriate department head for their review.  The department head must review course content and assign and appropriate NMU equivalent course number, determining whether it will be the equivalent of a course in the academic major or minor, an elective, or a special topics course.  Academic advisors and other NMU faculty may have input and offer advice on course selections, but they are not authorized to assign course pre-evaluations for study abroad credit.  The form must be completed with signatures from the department head(s). 

Return the completed form, with signatures to the International Programs office.  The study abroad coordinator(s) will use this form to register you in an appropriate number of IP286x credits during the semester of your study abroad.  The IP286x course designation will be replaced by individual courses upon receipt of the study abroad transcript when coursework is assessed against the original pre-evaluation form and grades assigned by the NMU department heads who originally evaluated the academic work.

The pre-evaluation form is not a contract.   Final grades and credits are assigned based on the transcript received from the host institution upon successful completion of the study abroad. If course content changes, or your registration abroad differs from those courses that were originally pre-evaluated, you must work with the IPO and academic department heads during your time abroad to complete the evaluation process before your transcript is finalized at NMU.   Note that in compliance with US Department of Education standards, NMU will note the institution/location of your study abroad experience on the transcript heading for your semester abroad.  For example, for courses earned at the University of Veritas, San Jose, Costa Rica the NMU transcript for your semester will include a phrase:  SA - Study Abroad, San Jose, Costa Rica.  

Additional factors:

  • Requests for liberal studies credit must be presented to the Registrar prior to your study abroad.
  • World culture courses have specific content requirements.The Registrar’s Office will consider requests for world culture designation.
  • Language courses often require a placement exam on-site.  
  • Course substitutions for major or minor credit may be considered at the discretion of the individual academic departments.
  • NMU awards letter grades for study abroad courses.Your grades will be calculated into your cumulative GPA. 
  • We suggest you keep copies of papers, exams and other course materials that demonstrate the content of your study abroad courses.
  • Host university transcripts must be sent to International Programs to begin the transfer of credit to your NMU record.  .   
  • In some circumstances, directed study credits may be applied toward international experiences abroad.   The student must still register the overseas experience with the International Programs office in order to receive credit for the experience and to comply with the university's policy on International Travel Registration for university-funded travel.  
  • You remain registered as an NMU student throughout your study abroad experiences.You are responsible for observing on-campus deadlines for tuition and course registration, as well as those required by your host program/university