Talk to a Current Student

Meet some of NMU's Global Ambassador Scholars: 

Name: Christopher Black

Gender: Male

Home Country: Northern Ireland

Language spoken: English

Major: Business Management

Been at NMU since: August 2016

Why I choose NMU: I play for the NMU Men’s Golf team, good business programs and the reputation of Marquette City as being a great place to live

Favorite thing to do here: In the summer I enjoy golfing and going to the beach and in the winter I ski and attend the many winter events in the UP such as the ski jumps and UP 200 Dog Sleg Race. 



Name: Maddie Campbell

Gender: Female

Home Country: Canada

Languages: English

Major: Medicinal Plant Chemistry

NMU since: August 2018

Why I chose NMU: because I am a member of the NMU Women's Track and Field Team

Favorite thing to do: Go to the beach