Talk to a Current Student

Meet some of NMU's Global Ambassador Scholars: 

Abdulrahman I. Alaqil

Name: Abdulrahman I. Alaqil

Home Country: Saudi Arabia

Language spoken: Arabic, English

Major: Masters Exercise Science  

Been at NMU since: Fall 2017

Why I choose NMU: Because I found a great program and it is designed well to cover Exercise Science areas and, most of the professor are figures in the Exercise Science field     

Favorite thing to do at NMU: Since I am a graduate student I spend the most time at the NMU library studying. However, I like to walk on the third street and downtown and hanging out with THE BOYYYS 


Leticia Antunes 

Name: Leticia Antunes 

Home Country: Brazil

Language Spoken: Portuguese, English

Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability 

Been at NMU since: January 2017 

Why I choose NMU: I chose NMU because of the Environmental Studies program, and because of the amazing Volleyball program! 

Favorite thing to do at NMU: My favorite things to do are chase waterfalls, go on winter adventures, or beach days during summer!