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Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (FH Bielefeld) works closely together with the industrial and business communities and social and cultural institutes in the region. The student population at Bielefeld is around 10,000. Enrolled student study applied sciences such as Engineering, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Business. With some 333,600 inhabitants, Bielefeld is the largest city in the region of East Westphalia-Lippe and is considered the economic center of the region. The city has over 35,000 students and is one of the biggest student cities in Germany.

FH Bielefeld

Site for Exchange Students at Bielefeld

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Basic Information

Language of instruction: English/German

Best major/minor: Accounting, Construction Management, Economics, Electrical Engineering Technology, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Risk Management,  Information Assurance/Cyber Defense, Management, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Eligibility: Students should have completed at least 24 credits and have an NMU 2.5 GPA at the time of application.

Fall Semester: September - February (please note: Bielefeld refers to this semester as “Winter”)

Winter/Spring Semester: March - August (please note: Bielefeld refers to this semester as “Summer”)



Student dorms are available at Bielefeld, but are filled very quickly. The International Office works with exchange students to arrange available housing - whether on campus or a private hostel. Students will receive an accommodation offer during the application process. Click here for more information on housing at Bielefeld.

Meal Options

Meal plans are not offered by Bielefeld, but students will obtain a meal card upon arrival at Bielefeld. The meal card requires a 5 Euro deposit, which is returned upon departure. If using the the on-campus cafeteria/canteen (Mensa), money can be deposited on meal card. Meals cost between 2-4 Euro.

Typical grocery costs are around 200 Euro ($222*) per month. For more information on living costs at Bielefeld, click here.

Estimated Cost of Participation

Students pay their tuition, fees, and medical insurance costs to Northern Michigan University, and can access their financial aid while studying abroad. The cost of housing and services will be paid directly to Bielefeld.

The semester fee is a mandatory fee to study at FH Bielefeld. Two thirds of the contribution are used to pay for your semester ticket, which enables you to use local public transportation in the region; the rest goes towards the Student Service (Studierendenwerk) and the Student Union (AStA). You will be able to download the semester ticket 3 – 4 working days after you have paid the semester fee. For more information on the semester fee, click here.

Click here to view the breakdown of fees and estimated expenses for a semester at Bielefeld.

How to apply

In order to apply to participate in this exchange, students will need to carefully complete and submit the forms/information listed below. All materials should be submitted to the International Education Services Office by the posted deadline. 

  1. Set up an advising meeting with an IES Study Abroad Advisor to discuss program interest.

    • The IES advisor will give you the complete cost packet.

  2. Meet with Financial Aid to determine eligibility.

    • Bring your cost packet with you to the meeting.

  3. Complete the NMU Application for Study Abroad

  4. IES Exchange Coordinator nominates you to the exchange university of choice.

  5. Complete FH Bielefeld Exchange Application. You will need the following documents:

    • Online Bielefeld Application Form

    • Official Copy of your NMU Transcript 

    • Curriculum Vitae

    • Copy of your passport information page

    • One recent passport photo

    • Learning Agreement (can be obtained from Exchange Coordinator)

    • Proof of International Health Insurance Coverage

Please note: You are welcome to schedule an appointment with the exchange coordinator to complete the application during a meeting. This is recommended, based on past student experiences. 



  • Fall Semester: May 15th

  • Winter Semester: November 15th

FH Bielefeld Applications:

  • Fall Semester: May 15th

    • Please note: Applications cannot be submitted until April 1st 

  • Winter Semester: November 15th

    • Please note: Applications cannot be submitted until October 1st 

How to Search for Courses

Students should be aware that exchange partner universities do not normally waive prerequisite courses for visiting exchange students. While searching for courses, students should make sure they have completed the equivalent of the prerequisites listed by the exchange university.

To find courses taught in English, click here for Business classes and click here for Engineering & Mathematics. (attach PDF docs off of Bielefeld Website)

Please note that you will need a German level of at least B2 to take part in the Business courses that are taught in German. You will need a German level of at least B1 to take part in the courses of the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics that are taught in German.

Even if the courses you are taking at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences are taught in English, you should consider learning German to manage everyday life in Germany.

A German language course is also offered in the orientation week and during the semester.

Understanding Grades and Credits

Students should plan to take the equivalent of at least 12 NMU credit hours while abroad. Bielefeld follows the standard European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Please plan on enrolling in at least 24 ECTS credits.

Students will be required to have courses pre-evaluated by Department Heads before departure. After choosing classes, students should set up meetings with the appropriate Department Heads to determine NMU credit equivalencies. Please bring syllabus information and the Pre-Course Evaluation Form to the meeting.

The Pre-Course Evaluation Form should be submitted to the IES office when completed. This document will be kept in the student file and is necessary for the completion of transcript evaluation.

Once the IES office receives the official transcript from the exchange university, the student will see the NMU course equivalencies listed on NMU transcript.

Grades will also transfer back as they equate to the grading scale at Northern Michigan University.

Other important links

Campus Map Bielefeld

Main Building Campus Bielefeld


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*US dollar amounts are an estimate based off of time it was researched. Values of currencies are constantly fluctuating.