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How does CIEE support our students? Prague from a staff member’s perspective

In October, I embarked on a site visit to assess CIEE and learn more about their student experience in the Czech Republic. I selected Prague for a site visit because it is a hidden-gem, a cost-effective choice, and is starkly different from the U.S. These are all things I advocate for when advising students on location possibilities. After all, studying abroad isn’t meant to accomplish the ordinary, right? It is to step outside of your comfort zone, study in a foreign nation, take on the allure and culture of a new land, and gain intercultural competence and life experience like you wouldn’t believe! CIEE Prague did not disappoint. They take great care of students, offering social, multicultural, adventurous and academic experiences throughout your stay! CIEE also offers awesome scholarships to assist students in making their academic adventures a reality. What further sets CIEE apart is their block programming, which offers students flexibility to study abroad in more than one location; you can choose up to 3 sites, and every 6-weeks, you migrate to your next destination, take 2 courses, and continue your cultural exploration. This is a great way to stretch your dollar, earn up to 18 credits, and see more of the world. Not sure you can be away for an entire semester? Consider a summer program! This is a great way to spend 4-8 weeks while earning credit and exploring new lands, cultures, and people. 

As a student, maybe you are considering a place in Europe? Maybe you are pondering the most well-known cities? Nothing against London, Paris, Rome, or Madrid, they are amazing places too! But who says you can’t visit these pricier locations while already overseas? The Czech Republic is a great home-base from which to tour others countries and cities nearby; it is located centrally in the heart of Europe. As an added bonus, Prague is home to the largest castle complex in the world and every street corner holds magnificent art and architecture from many time periods. It is a charming city and I encourage our Wildcats to see if it will make a good fit!

CIEE Prague VisitCIEE Prague VisitCIEE Prague VisitCIEE Prague VisitCIEE Prague Visit

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CIEE Prague VisitCIEE Prague Visit