Fall Semester Consumption Reports

The contribution part of the induced course-load matrix (ICLM) summarizes student credit hours (SCH) by course department.   This tells you who is taking your departments' courses.  The consumption part summarizes SCH by the major's department.  This tells you where your majors are taking their courses.

The Fall 2016 Consumption Report Departments are below -- for details, click on a department's button.  To access the complete Fall 2007 - 2016 Consumption report files, click the labeled folder and scroll to the department needed.

(ACAD)   Art & Design (AD)   Arts & Sciences (AS)
Biology (BI)   Business (BUS)   Communication & Media (CAMS)
Chemistry (CH)   Criminal Justice (CJ)   Clinical Sciences (CLS)
Economics (EC)   Education (ED)   English (EN)
Engineering Tech (ENGT)   Geography (GC)   History (HS)
International Studies (INTE)   Languages (LG)   Math & Computer Science (MA)
Music (MU)   Native American Studies (NAS)   Nursing (NE)
Health, PE, Rec & Nutrition (PE)   (PF)   Physics (PH)
Philosophy (PL)   Practical Nursing (PN)   Political Science (PS)
Psychology (PY)   Registrar (REG)   Sociology (SO)
Social Work (SW)   Tech & Occup Sciences (TOS)