Number of Minors by Department within College Final Winter 2007


College Dept Code Minor Minor Description Count    
A&S AD AHIS Art History 8    
  ART Art and Design 79    
  EEFA Fine Arts/Elementary Education      
  GRAP Graphic Communications 4    
  SEAD Art and Design Education      
  Total for Dept   91    
  BI BIHU Human Biology 7    
  BIOL Biology 69    
  SEBI Biology Education 9    
  Total for Dept   85    
  CAMS BROA Broadcasting      
  EJRN Electronic Journalism 11    
  ENSP Entertainment/Sports Promotion 8  
  MPNT Media Production and New Technology 10    
  MSTD Media Studies 7    
  PUBR Public Relations 13    
  SESP Speech Education      
  SPCH Speech Communications 27    
  SPGN General Speech      
  THEA Theatre 11    
  THPE Performance/Theatre 6    
  THTE Technical/Theatre 3    
  Total for Dept   96    
  CH CHEM Chemistry 95    
  GRCH Chemistry/Group Science 5    
  SECH Chemistry Education 10    
  Total for Dept   110    
  EC ECON Economics 36    
  SEEC Economics Education 5    
  Total for Dept   41    
  EN EELA Lanuage Arts/Elementary Education 31    
  ENGL English 81    
  FLME Film Studies 17    
  JOUR Journalism 43  
  SEEN English Education 17    
  WRIT Writing 31    
  Total for Dept   220    
  GC CLGC Geography Cluster 1    
  CONS Environmental Conservation 31    
  EART Earth Science   9    
  GEOG Geography/Human 9    
  GEOP Geography/Physical 5    
  GIS Geographic Information System 15    
  GREC Ecology/Group Science      
  PLAN Planning 3    
  SECO Environmental Conservation Education      
  SEES Earth Science Education 11    
  SEGC Geography Education 9    
  Total for Dept   93    
  HS EEHS History/Elementary Education      
  HIST History 78    
  PHIS Public History 5    
  SEHS History Education 49    
  Total for Dept   132    
  LG EDFR French Education 4    
  EDGR German Education 5    
  EDSN Spanish Education 14    
  FREN French 15    
  GERM German 28    
  LTAS Latin American Studies 8    
  SPAN Spanish 33    
  Total for Dept   107    
  MA COMP Computer Science 16    
  EEMA Mathematics/Elementary Education 18    
  MATH Mathematics 43    
  SECS Computer Science Education      
  SEMA Mathematics Education 10    
  STAT Statistics      
  Total for Dept   87    
  MU MUSI Music 26    
  Total for Dept   26    
  NAS NATV Native American Studies 13    
  Total for Dept   13    
  PH PHYC Physics 4    
  SEPH Physics Education 8    
  Total for Dept   12    
  PL AETH Applied Ethics 5    
  PHIL Philosophy 15    
  RELI Religious Studies 8    
  Total for Dept   28    
  PS POLI Political Science 55    
  PUBA Public Administration 8    
  SEPS Political Science Education 20    
  SWPE Policy-Evaluation Cluster      
  Total for Dept   83    
  PY CHIL Child Care Services 4    
  HUSV Human Services 19    
  PSYC Psychology 70    
  SEPY Psychology Education      
  SPPY Special Education Psychology      
  SWHB Human Behavior Cluster 146    
  Total for Dept   239    
  Total for College 1,463    
BUS BUS ACCT Accounting 7  
  BUSA Business Administration 78  
  CIS Computer Information Systems 19  
  FINA Finance 8  
  LREL Labor Relations 1  
  MGMT Management 29  
  MKTG Marketing 61    
  OFSR Office Services 7    
  Total for College 210    
PROF CD COMD Communication Disorders 4  
    Total for Dept   4    
  CJ CRIM Criminal Justice 52    
    Total for Dept   52    
  CLS CLBT Clinical Laboratory Techniques      
    Total for Dept        
  ED EEEN English/Elementary Education 5    
    EEPC Elementary Education Planned Component 23    
    EESC Science/Elementary Education 26  
    Total for Dept   54    
  ENGT ARCH Architectural Technology      
    CAD  Computer Aided Drafting      
    CADM Computer Aided Design/Mechanical 2    
    ELEC Electronics      
    ETEC Electronics Tech 1    
    ELMT Electromechanical Technology 1    
    INDM Industrial Maintenance      
    MANF Manufacturing      
    Total for Dept   4    
  MS MILS Military Science 28    
    Total for Dept   28    
  PE CLOR Ourdoor Rec/Cluster 2    
    EEPE Physical Education/Elementary Education 2    
    EMS Emergency Medical Services 20    
    HLTH Health (non teaching) 1    
    HNUT Health and Nutrition 19    
    OREC Outdoor Recreation 30    
    ORIE Interpretation & Outdoor Education 1    
    OROL Outdoor Leadership 4    
    OUTD Outdoor Recreation (old) 1    
    PECO Physical Education/Coaching 12    
    PEED Physical Education 5    
    RECR Recreation      
    SEHL Health Education 12    
    SEPC Coaching/Physical Education      
  SEPE ED/Physical Education 27    
  655 Health Education      
  Total for Dept   136    
  SO ANTH Anthropology 1    
  GERO Gerontology 9    
  RESA Research Analyst 2    
  EESS Social Studies/Elementary Education 25    
  SESO Sociology Education      
  SOCI Sociology 78    
  Total for Dept   115    
  SW SOWL Social Welfare 48    
  SOWS Social Work Services 2    
  SUBS Substance Abuse Counseling      
  Total for Dept   50    
  TOS AUTO Automotive Service Technology 3    
  CONM Construction Systems 2    
  FOOD Food Service Management 8    
  HVAC Heating/Air Cond 1    
  NUTR Food and Nutrition      
  Total for Dept   14    
  Total for College 457    
TECH ENGT ARCH Architectural Technology 5    
  CADM Computer Aided Design/Mechanical      
  ELEC Electronics      
  ELMT Electromechanical Technology      
  INDM Industrial Maintenance 7    
  MANF Manufacturing      
  Total for Dept   12    
  TOS AUTO Automotive Service Technology      
  CONM Construction Systems      
  FOOD Food Service Management      
  NUTR Food and Nutrition      
  Total for Dept        
  Total for College   12    
OTHER OTHER CLUS Cluster 3    
  CNTR Contracted Minor      
  GEND Gender Studies 6    
  LABR Labor Studies      
  Total for Dept   9    
  INTE INTE International Studies 20    
  Total for Dept   20    
  Total for College 29    
Total Number of Minors:   2,171