Test Scoring

Business Intelligence and Information Services provides Multiple Choice Test Scoring Service to all instructional faculty and staff of NMU.   The test scoring provisions include:

  • Pre-printed scantron sheets for each student in the class, and a key and weight sheet for the instructor.
  • Student answer sheets are scanned and the raw data is uploaded to a file on the web.
  • The instructor scores the data on the web, with an error check function available.
  • Individual student results can be made available to the students on the web.
  • Single or multiple section testing is available.
  • Item Analysis by section or course is provided.
  • A frequency distribution report is provided.
  • Score Book Export is available to keep an accumulation of year-to-date information.
  • EduCat Export to send your scores to EduCat is available.  Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE:  The HHP and Math/CS departments use their own bubble sheet scoring system.


Below is a quick overview of ordering and scoring Scantron bubble sheets.  For a more detailed, step-by-step overview, please download the Scantron Documentation Guide (PDF).

Ordering Blank Scantron Bubble Sheets

Prior to giving a test, instructors should order blank Scantron bubble sheets through the online system at http://myweb.nmu.edu/faculty and clicking on the "Request Test Sheets" button.  Unfortunately, at this time only instructors have access to this option.

We encourage you to order online for the following reasons:

  • Less human error (transposing CRN numbers);
  • Streamlined processing (no manual entry necessary, and again less errors);
  • Quicker printing (request is ready to be sent directly to the printer).

Instructors and secretaries may also order bubble sheets by completing the Request for Printing Blank Sheets order form and emailing it to Kelly Larmour (klarmour@nmu.edu).

Blank test sheets will be printed with the course name.  The system knows the number of students that are registered for the course so that is how many test sheets will be printed.  The instructors can indicate on the request form whether they will pick up the test sheets in 503 Cohodas or whether they would like them mailed through campus mail.  Please note:  no matter how early test sheets are ordered, they are not printed until the first week of school due to students' frequent schedule changes.

Scoring Scantron Bubble Sheets

Once the test is given the test sheets should be brought to 503 Cohodas where they will be scanned and scored.  The Request for Scoring form will need to be filled out.  You may fill it out ahead of time to submit with your students' bubble sheets, or there are copies of the form available in our office when you drop them off.  This form may now be filled out for multiple courses from the same department.

Our office is located in 503 Cohodas and is open for scoring during regular university business hours.  Our phone number is 227-2410.  Kelly Larmour is the main contact for the Scantron scoring system.

The results will be available and emailed to the to the instructor as soon as the sheets are scanned.

Retrieving Scantron Scores

The following information pertains to student assessment (such as tests, quizzes, or exams).  For information on the results of course evaluations, please see the Course Evaluations page.

Testscore System Documentation

Instructors may use the following rudimentary guide to help them navigate the uploaded data from the Scantron scoring system.

Student Access to Scores

If you would like your students to be able to view their scores, you will need to set up their permissions to do so.  Go to  http://myweb.nmu.edu/testscore.

  1. Log in with e-mail user id and password
  2. Click Student
  3. Select your instructor’s name by clicking on the drop down arrow under “test results are available from the following”
  4. Click the ID number associated with the course number and date provided by the instructor.

Troubleshooting and Contact Information

Kelly Larmour is the liaison for the Scantron scoring system and can be reached by email at klarmour@nmu.edu or by calling the main BI/IS line at 227-2410.