It is the mission of the Telecommunications Division to provide Network Connectivity, Telephone and Voice Mail services, and maintenance to the students, faculty and staff of Northern Michigan University.

Telecom provides services including consulting, billing, voice mail, phone, telephone line and network node installation and voicemail.  Call Jan Seppa, telecom manager at 906-227-1989 for telecom questions and information.  Call the Telecom Helpdesk at 906-227-1995 to report problems or request adds, moves or changes to voice lines and equipment or network node installation.


Installation, Change and Repair of Telephones

IT Telecom installs changes and repairs telephones for university departments. Please note that we perform repairs only on phones purchased from our department and that are still under warranty. For a description of our available phones see our phones page. To request an installation, change or repair, contact the Telecom Helpdesk at extension 1995.

Local and Long-distance Phone Service

IT Telecom offers both local and long-distance service for faculty and staff. NMU handles the billing of all calls through STARS. If you have any questions about your phone bill, please contact STARS at extension 1995. Please note that students do not have long distance calling permissions on our system. Students must use a calling card for any long distance calling. However, they are able to make local calls from campus housing free of charge.

Network Port Installation and Repair

IT Telecom installs, activates and repairs all network connections (the orange jacks you plug your computer into) on campus. To request an installation, change or repair, contact the Telecom Helpdesk at extension 1995.

Voicemail Services

IT Telecom offers NMU Voicemail service for faculty, staff and on campus students.   If you are interested in obtaining voicemail service contact the Telecom Helpdesk at extension 1995.

Other Services

IT Telecom also offers a variety of other services which include:

  • Automated Attendants
  • Call Centers
  • Consultations

If you would like to request one of these services, or if you have any questions, contact the Telecom Helpdesk at extension 1995.