Request a Project

Information Technology Project Request 

Below is information describing the process and stages of an Information Technology project, as well as the link to request your project for review. The Business Intelligence and Information Services office bring ideas to life using a detailed project management process. The process includes the necessary steps to be sure that the project gets done to the clients standards and in a timely manner. 

BIIS Project Management Process: Initiation (Client Request, Active Collab Entry, PM/Client Intake, IT Leadership Reviews/Assignment), Planning (PM/Client Planning, PM Project Preparation), Implementation (Project Kickoff with team, Project work, test and Q&A), Project Close (Closing Activities, Ongoing Maintenance)

Benefits of the project management process

Time: When planning for a project, you do not want to waste any time. The process helps to establish a timeline in the beginning and milestones to be met to ensure timely output. People: The process determines what human capital resources we will need to be sure that we have the right people on the team. Testing: With the process, we are able to plan for thorough testing to be completed to ensure that the project meets and exceeds the expectations.
High Quality: With the process, we determine how we are going to manage the work, and when, which results in higher quality results and our ability to do it right and do it quickly.
Get it Right: By using the process to plan and make more deliberate decisions, we are able to make the correct decisions early on, which lead to less maintenance on the back end.
Clarity: Overall, the process is there to ensure that everyone involved understands what the need is, when it needs to be completed, and how we will get there.