Industrial Technologies

CNC Student


Industrial Production Manager

Median earnings


Projected job growth to 2024

-1% (National)
+4% (Michigan)

About the career

Manage or run a manufacturing or other industrial facility or work as a technician to install, maintain and repair all types of machinery used in an endless array of modern power transmission applications. Mines, paper mills, hospitals and manufacturing companies of all sorts require the services of skilled industrial maintenance technicians to keep their operations running smoothly. Or become a teacher to train and inspire future technicians. 

What you'll learn and do

Students in NMU’s Industrial Technologies programs will learn about static and dynamic forces; materials design; industrial machines, controls and systems; Computer Aided Design and simulation software; solid modeling and finite element analysis; materials properties and testing techniques; system testing and data acquisition processes and techniques and supervisory and management skills.

NMU offers the only accredited industrial technology teacher education program in Michigan.

NMU Degrees

One-year certificate (30 credits)
Computer Numerical Control
or two-year associate degree (60 credits)
Computer Numerical Control
Train to set-up, maintain and operate CNC equipment.

Two-year associate degree (60 credits)
Engineering Design

Learn the skills to become a CAD designer or mechanical engineering aide

Four-year bachelor's degree (120 credits)
Industrial Technologies
Graduates are employed as designers, manufacturing engineers, supervisors and in related positions depending on their technical backgrounds.

Four-year bachelor's degree (133 credits)
Industrial Technology Secondary Education

Completion of the technical courses, a teaching minor and the professional education sequence leads to certification as a secondary teacher of industrial technology.


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