Status Change - Child No Longer A Dependent

If your child is no longer dependent as defined for the following benefits, be sure to notify the Human Resources office (227-2470) within 60 days of the loss of dependency.

Health/Dental/Vision Coverage

Your child is eligible for health, dental, and vision coverage up to age 26.  The NMU health plan is considered a “non-grandfathered” health plan effective January 1, 2012.  Accordingly, it is no longer permissible to deny or restrict coverage of a child under age 26 based on the child’s financial dependency, residency, student status, employment, marital status, or eligibility in their employer-sponsored group health plan. Coverage terminates at the end of the month in which your child turns age 26.


Dependent Life Insurance

Child must be under the age of 26.

Tuition Benefit

IRS tax dependent, unmarried dependent children* of the eligible employee/retiree

  • *Dependent Children are defined as an employee’s son, step-son**, daughter, step-daughter** and a legally adopted child.
  • Biological and legally adopted children of divorced parents may be the IRS tax dependent of the employee’s divorced spouse.  A copy of the employee’s divorced spouses most recently filed Federal 1040 tax document must be provided to Human Resources. (see required documentation)
  • **Step-children must be the IRS tax dependent of the NMU employee in order to be eligible.  Proof of IRS tax dependent status must be provided to Human Resources via the most recently filed Federal 1040 tax document.  (see required documentation)