Leadership Powerpoint

Structure Work

  • Evaluates which major/minor academic programs achieve NMU’s vision & direction
  • Champions the improvement of work processes to be meaningful & effective
  • Structures NMU to deliver services most efficiently & effectively

Manage Talent

  • Finds, hires, & promotes talent
  • Maintains a track record of supporting & growing others

Inspire Performance

  • Drives goals and outcomes through the organization
  • Faces up to tough decisions
  • Fosters a productive work environment across campus

Build Teams

  • Creates teams whose members share a clear purpose
  • Integrates new team members and maintains a healthy team dynamic
  • Represents the organization/group with key stakeholders

Use & Share Information

  • Presents concepts with audience & purpose in mind
  • Addresses issues directly & truthfully
  • Builds on input from others.  Uses technology and media effectively
  • Incorporates financial, customer, and quality information into decision-making

Facilitate Change

  • Drives positive change through the organization
  • Enlists others in support of tomorrow’s vision
  • Embeds change through sustainable practices