Reasons for Not Selecting a Candidate


Appropriate reasons for not hiring a candidate must be specific and job related.  Reasons for not hiring or interviewing a candidate need to be listed on the job description and required for the job.

Appropriate Reasons for Not Hiring

  • Candidate selected had more training and experience.
  • Candidate well qualified for position but quality was higher in selected candidate.
  • Insufficient job experience, i.e. does not have one year required supervisory experience.
  • Lacks minimum qualification (List missing qualification(s), i.e. does not have college teaching experience, does not have three years of secretarial experience.


Invalid Reasons for Not Hiring Candidate
  • Candidate is overqualified.
  • The job requires personal characteristics not exclusive to either sex such as aggressiveness, charm, or tact.
  • An assumption that members of one sex are unable or unwilling to do the job.
  • Preferences of co-workers, employers, clients or customers, i.e. A coworker only wants to work with someone who looks like them.


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