Spooner Hall Rooms


The rooms in Spooner hall are a little bit different than the rooms you'll find in residence halls you'll find on campus. Spooner has two types of rooms; private rooms with shared baths and one-bedroom /two-person apartments. Both rooms provide the residents of Spooner a unique living atmosphere for the upperclassman students who live here. Each floor in Spooner Hall has a community kitchenette that is available to all the residents of that floor.


Single Rooms

Single rooms are 11ft x 11ft and feature a bed, desk, dresser and a closet built into the room.  The single rooms share a bathroom with a suite mate.



Two-Person Apartments

Two person apartments are made-up of two rooms, essentially a living room and a bedroom. The living room features a kitchenette containing a stove and oven, sink, garbage disposal, mini-fridge, and cabinets. The living room also has a loveseat, oversized chair and kitchen table and chairs. The bedroom contains two beds, two desks, two dressers, and a built-in closet.