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Competition, pride, and identity are three ways to describe Spalding Hall. Spalding residents are known for both their Wildcat Spirit and Spalding Spirit.  Residents proudly wear their blue and orange colors of Spalding to represent their pride during hall events. Spalding also houses many student athletes who are very involved in their community and are strongly supported by the hall.  Spalding’s competitive nature is prevalent in hall competitions and intramural sports. Spalding Hall’s goal is to build a family oriented community for residents that promotes social development and student involvement.  Spalding is all co-ed and is building 66 on the campus map.

Floor Plans


Shared Bedroom Suite

Double Shared Bedroom Suite inside a room 

Spalding Hall Government

Vision Statement: We’re a welcoming community full of fun, loving energetic people working together to improve our community, project a positive image, and keep alive Spalding tradition.

Mission Statement: Spalding Hall is a healthy balance of everything. The open-minded atmosphere allows the wide variety of individuals to be themselves. While the Spalding Squirrels enjoy having their fun, they also know how to be respectful, responsible members in a community. With all of its options and opportunities, Spalding is a hall that can be whatever you wish to make of it. Spalding isn’t just a hall… It’s a family.


Opened in 1965, Spalding Hall was named after Grace Spalding who was Head of NMU’s Art Department for many years.


Marshmallow Assassination

Spalding Soiree

Open Mic Nights each year

Super Bowl Party

Christmas Party

UP 200 Volunteering

Make a Difference Day Volunteering

Interesting Facts

Spalding Hall was the last all-female hall.  In 1994, it became a co-ed residence hall.

Spalding Hall won the 2006 Spirit Competition at the All-Student Rally.  It was also the residence hall Homecoming champion.

Spalding Hall has a formal every winter semester.

Spalding Hall is the only residence hall on-campus with their own colors (blue and orange).

Spalding Hall has it's own mascot; the Spalding Squirrel (no, it does not live in the hall).

In 2004-2005, Breakfast Club received the highly-competitive House of the Year Award from Housing and Residence Life. House of Wonders won for the following 2005-2006 year.

Spalding Hall

Spalding Hall Staff

Resident Director - Isabel Azmani

Isabel graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a bachelors degree in Corporate and Health Communication and a minor in Biology.  During her time at Whitewater, she held a variety of different positions within the housing department that only allowed her love for housing to expand.  Isabel is currently pursuing her masters in Exercise Science at NMU and is excited to be in a program that she is extremely passionate about.  She loves outdoor activities and adventures which is one of the many reasons Isabel is so thrilled to be in Marquette.


Resident Adviser Staff 

First Floor

Hogwarts - Hannah Mahn

Safariy - JJ Henning


Building and Grounds Attendant - Kyle Hawn