RoomatesChances are pretty good either you or your roommate have had a room to yourself at home.  You didn’t have to be concerned about someone else’s need for study time, quiet time, sleep, companionship or the need to be alone once in awhile.  Now that you have moved into your new room—and in all likelihood have a roommate—a whole new aspect of college life emerges: getting along with your roommate.

For the nine months of the school year, you will, whether you realize it or not, share your joy, sorrow, excitement, frustration and challenges with someone who you (at this point) may not even know.  Getting to know your roommate, and allowing him or her to get to know you, can be a fun, exciting, and yes, sometimes frustrating experience.  The relationship you develop with your roommate will be filled with numerous choices that the two of you will have to make.  These choices, however, and the process by which you and your roommate make them, are all part of the college experience.  We want your residence hall living experience (including your relationship with your roommate) to be a good one. 


Tips for Getting Along With Your Roommate