Residence Hall Room Types

Quad II

Hunt Hall, Van Antwerp Hall, Magers Hall, Meyland Hall & Spalding Hall


Shared Bedroom Suite

In the shared bedroom suite, two students are assigned to a room and share a bathroom with another room with two students.  

Double Shared Bedroom Suite Rock Your Room 

Single Shared Suite*

In the single shared suite, one student is assigned to a room and shares a bathroom with two other students. 
*This room option is not typically provided at the beginning of the year, but may occur for a student if their roommate moves out. Additionally, both sets of furniture remain in the room. 


Shared Bedroom with Private Bathroom

In the shared bedroom, two students are assigned to a room and have a private bathroom. 


Single Bedroom with Private Bathroom

In the single bedroom with private bathroom, one student is assigned to a single room and has a private bathroom. 


The dimensions for the room types for these buildings are listed below. These dimensions vary slightly by building and should only be used as a guide. 

Ceiling height - 1st and 2nd floors - 8'; 3rd floor  7' 9"
Size of room 12' x 12'
Length of closet 6'
Height of closet (to shelf) 5' 9"
Length of hallway 7'
Length of inside wall (corner to hallway) 6' 9"
Length of outside wall (corner to window) 5' 6"
Window dimensions 4' W x 4' 7" H
Floor to window ledge 2' 2"
Width of window ledge 6"
Width of fin-tube (heater) cover 4" - (located on outside wall)

The Woods

Birch Hall, Cedar Hall & Maple Hall


Shared Bedroom Suite

In The Woods shared bedroom suite, two students are assigned to a room and share a bathroom with two others. With this option, a half-wall aids in providing privacy between roommates.

The woods shared bedroom floor plan ​​​​​ inside the woods 


Private Bedroom Suite

In The Woods private bedroom suite, there are four private bedrooms with one shared bathroom.

   private bedrooms in the woods ​​​​​​ Private Bedroom Suite

private bedroom suite


Single Bedroom with Private Bathroom

This option in The Woods features a private bedroom and bathroom.

single bedroom with private bathroom

single room bathroom


ADA rooms and suites.

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