FishNeither tenants nor their guests may have in their possession or control any pet, other than fish in a 10 gallon tank, for any length of time in any University apartment or public area. If it is verified that there has been a violation of this condition of the contract, the tenant will be assessed a $250.00 fee and given 48 hours to permanently remove the pet from the apartment. Additional to the $250.00 fee, the tenant will be financially responsible for any damages or cleaning required as a result of the pet being housed in the apartment (i.e. replacement furniture or carpet). A Housing and Residence Life facilities staff member will enter the apartment to assess any damages and determine if any cleaning is necessary.  If the pet is not removed within 48 hours or if a second violation occurs, the tenant will be served an eviction notice for violating the terms of the contract. If a tenant is evicted due to a pet violation, the tenant will still be financially responsible for the original length of the contract, though they will no longer be permitted to reside in the apartment. No refund will be given. Tenants evicted for violating the pet policy will no longer be considered eligible for on-campus housing and future requests will be denied. (For additional information and regulations regarding animals on campus see the University's Student Code and/or Ordinances.)