Prohibited Items

The items noted below are not intended to be detailed, all-inclusive explanations, but rather brief overviews of the policies and procedures that you will come in contact with during your stay at Northern Michigan University.  For more information or details about concerns that you may have, please contact your resident adviser or resident director.

Candles and Incense
Because of the danger of fire, the use of candles and incense is prohibited in residence hall rooms and the university apartments. Also not allowed are any appliances that melt or warm wax or oils (such as a Scentsy). If you're looking for an air freshener, use one where the oil is completely contained and cannot be spilled.

Pets of any kind, except fish (in a ten gallon tank or smaller), are prohibited in university residence halls and apartments.

George Foreman Grills
George Foreman Grills are not permitted in residence hall rooms because they create grease that students, in the past, have poured down the drains and caused plumbing problems.

Northern Michigan University does not allow the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in its residence halls with the exception of Spooner Hall. 

No students shall possess, use, distribute, sell or manufacture illegal drugs or other controlled substances in any building or on any property owned or controlled by Northern Michigan University, except as permitted by law.

No students shall keep, possess, display, use or carry any weapon anywhere on the Northern Michigan University campus or field station. In the interpretation and application of this regulation, weapons shall be deemed to include, but are not limited to, rifles, shotguns, handguns, bows or other lethal or dangerous devices capable of casting a projectile by air, gas, explosives or mechanical means.

Weapons used for recreational purposes may be registered and stored in the Public Safety and Police Services Office storage facility if they are transported directly from the Public Safety and Police Services Office storage facility to points outside the campus and field station of Northern Michigan University, and are transported from such points directly back to the Public Safety and Police Services Office storage facility. The means of transportation must be in accordance with Public Safety and Police Services Office instructions, and the weapon or weapons transported must be unloaded and, when possible, encased, dismantled or broken down.

[Examples of projectile weapons include, but are not limited to:  cross bows, airsoft guns, paintball guns, sling shots, and bb guns.]

Dangerous Materials/Chemicals and Open Flames
Dangerous materials and chemicals such as gun powder, gasoline, acid and similar materials are not permitted in the residence halls.   In addition the presence of open flame or embers (i.e.,candles, oil lamps, Coleman stoves, etc.), open element burners or hotplates are not permitted in your room. 

Air Conditioners
Air Conditioners are not permitted in residence hall rooms. 

Clip on Lamps
Clip on lamps are not permitted in residence hall rooms.

Full-Size Refrigerators
Refrigerators larger than 4.0 cubic feet are not permitted in residence hall rooms.

Hoverboards are not permitted in residence hall rooms.