Advance Payment Due June 1

Advance Payment Due June 1

If you are a returning student and have signed up for a residence hall room or single student on-campus apartment for the fall, please remember that an advance payment of $125 is due by June 1 in order to confirm your reservation.  If you haven't mailed your advance payment, you may make this payment through your NMU eBill account by clicking on the "Deposit" tab located on the top banner, then choosing the 2016 Fall Term, and then selecting "Residence Hall" or "Single Student Apartment".  If you prefer to mail your payment (using a check or your credit card), you may use the form at the bottom of the reminder letter that will be mailed to your home address in May.

Housing and Residence Life staff have prepared the following Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) to help you understand the Advance Payment process.  If you have questions after reading these questions, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at or (906) 227-2620.

Why do I need to make an advance payment?

The advance payment indicates to the Housing and Residence Life staff that you are serious about living on-campus in the fall.  It also allows staff to plan for everyone's housing needs next year.

What happens if I don't make the $125 advance payment by June 1?

If you don't pay the advance payment, you will lose the room or apartment you reserved during spring sign-up.  If this happens, you will be notified later in June that Housing and Residence Life staff have removed your room or apartment reservation and will assign someone else to the space you had reserved.

May I pay the $125 after June 1?

Yes you may, but you will also have to pay a $25 late fee (for a total of $150).  In addition, there is a good chance that the space you signed up for during Spring Sign Up has been assigned to someone else.  If this happens, we will make every effort to assign you to a room or apartment as close to the one you originally requested.

If I pay after June 1, can I still have the room I originally requested?

Maybe!  If you request to be assigned to the room you initially reserved, and Housing and Residence Life has not made assignments for the fall semester, we will make every effort to assign you to the room or apartment you originally requested.  You will have to pay the $125 advance payment and the $25 late fee.

If Housing and Residence Life has already made residence hall room assignments (typically the last week in July or the first week of August), we will make every effort to adjust assignments to accommodate your request.  If we are able to adjust assignments at your request, you will be charged the $125 advance payment, the $25 late fee, and an additional $100 reassignment fee.

I think I understand, but please summarize the possible charges I'll need to pay.

Please see below:

If you make your advance payment... You owe...
  • By June 1
  • After June 1
  • After June 1 and Housing and Residence Life has made assignments for the fall and you request the room you had originally signed up for
    • Assumes Housing and Residence Life is able to grant your request.

Is the advance payment refundable?

It depends on whether you've applied for a residence hall room or an on-campus apartment.

Residence Hall Room

A portion of the $125 advance payment is refundable depending on when you notify us of your plans.  Please note the following:

  • $75 of the advance payment is refundable if your housing plans change and you notify the Housing and Residence Life Office before August 1.
  • No portion of the $125 advance payment will refunded if you change your housing plans or decide not to enroll and notify the Housing and Residence Life Office after August 1.

On-Campus Apartment

The advance payment may be refundable.

  • If we've offered you an apartment, and you've accepted the apartment, and then you change your mind and choose to live somewhere else, you forfeit the entire $125 advance payment.
  • If you contact us and tell us that you've changed your mind before we offer you an apartment, the entire $125 will be credited to your account.

What happens if I've paid my $125 advance payment for my residence hall room and I'm offered an on-campus apartment?

If you're on the apartment waiting list and you've paid the $125 advance payment towards your residence hall room (as a back-up plan), and you're offered and accept an on-campus apartment, your $125 for the residence hall room will be credited to your account and will be applied to your apartment rent for the fall semester.

What happens if I've paid the $125 advance payment and I'm on the on the waiting list for an on-campus apartment, and I'm not offered an apartment?

If you decide to move into your room, the $125 will be applied towards your room and board charges for the fall semester.

Am I bound by the residence hall or single student contract once I've paid the $125 advance payment?

No.  The $125 payment simply finalizes your reservation.  Once you check into your residence hall or the single student apartments for the fall semester, you will be required to sign a Contract which is in effect for the entire academic year - both the fall and winter semesters.

I've paid my $125 advance payment and my plans have changed.  Can I call and let you know?

While we appreciate as much notice as we can get, you need to cancel your reservations with us in writing.  You may email Housing and Residence Life at to cancel your reservation.  Please include your full name, NMU IN, and a contact phone number were we can reach you if we have any questions.  And remember, not all of your advance payment is refundableClick here to find out more about refunds.

When do the residence halls and single-student apartments open for the fall semester?

All of NMU's residence halls open at 8 a.m. on Thursday, August 18, 2016.