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Live.Learn.Lead is a Residence Hall Leadership Workshop which explores opportunities to make a difference and get involved in your hall, on-campus, and in your community. It is based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership (Kouzes and Posner). 


LLL Gold Ceremony

Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

                                                                  Model the WayLLL Activity.JPG

                                                                  Inspire a Shared Vision

                                                                  Challenge the Process

                                                                Enable Others to Act

                                                                Encourage the Heart

Live.Learn.Lead is made up of four parts:

  • In-hall sessions kick off the year in September. These sessions give the hall leaders an opportunity to set expectations and a vision for the year. 
  • The Bronze workshop takes place in November. This workshop allows ten students from each hall to come together in a large session to share their goals and learn skills to help them be successful leaders in the hall.
  • The Silver sessions occur in February and serve as a checkup for the hall leadership. This is an opportunity to evaluate how the group and individual leaders are doing. 
  • Gold wraps up the series in April. This is an opportunity to reflect on the year, and leave resources for the next group of hall leaders. 

Students who participate in all of the sessions become Gold Certified. They receive a certificate and a special gift!

What's in it for me?

Students who participate in the Live.Learn.Lead series have the opportunity to learn new leadership skills that can apply to future opportunities. They are able to influence the communities they live in and connect with other campus leaders. Time spent participating in Live.Learn.Lead can also be logged as part of the Leadership Edge for the Superior Edge program. 

Many participants have gone on to become Resident Advisers/Community Advisers and Student Leader Fellowship Program members. 

What do students think?

"When I began attending Live.Learn.Lead, I really had no direction in my leadership abilities. But, after each workshop I started to feel more confident in the leader that I am and was able to learn how in interact and work with leaders whose styles were very different than my own. Live.Learn.Lead provided me with the necessary skills to become Hall President and then, later, a Resident Adviser. I still find myself using the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership I learned at LLL to achieve goals!"

– Katy VanTimmeren

"Live.Learn.Lead was such a great experience for me. I have always been interested in becoming a better leader, but was never given the chance. That changed once I got to Northern. Once I was offered the chance to attend Live.Learn.Lead I jumped on the opportunity to improve my leadership skills. Just the in-hall training alone opened up my eyes to new ideas I have never heard. I got so excited for all of the other trainings. Through all of the other trainings I got to know what type of leader I was, and I also got so much closer to all of the other leaders in my hall."

– Cody Ochs


How do you get involved? Talk to your hall president or resident director!