Student Family Apartments

Rates for 2019-2020 (effective July 1, 2019)


Lincoln Avenue Complex

Rent per Month*

1 bedroom, furnished


1 bedroom, unfurnished


2 bedroom, furnished townhouse


2 bedroom, unfurnished townhouse



Norwood/Center Complex

Rent per Month*

2 bedroom, furnished


2 bedroom, unfurnished


* In addition, there is a $45 per month Non-Refundable Comprehensive Student Family and Faculty/Staff Apartment Fee due with rent.

Eligibility Requirements

The primary tenant must be either an undergraduate student enrolled in at least eight credit hours each semester or a graduate student enrolled in at least six credit hours each semester, be married or the parent of at least one child of whom they have full custody, and have either their spouse and/or child living with them at least 25 percent of the time.


Contact the Housing & Residence Life Office by e-mail (, telephone (906-227-2874), or complete an application and send it and $125 advance payment to the Student Service Center (2201 C.B. Hedgcock, Marquette, MI  49855).

Application Cancelation

To cancel an apartment application, a student must notify the Housing and Residence Life Office in writing or e-mail ( If the student cancels the application after an apartment is offered, the entire advance payment will be forfeited to NMU. If written notice of cancelation is received before the apartment is offered, the entire advance payment will be refunded. The advance payment will also be refunded if NMU is unable to accommodate any of the student’s apartment preferences.


All utilities, including local telephone and cable TV service, are included in the rent. The tenant is responsible for providing a telephone.


The rent and the Comprehensive Student Family and Faculty/Staff Apartment Fee, which covers costs associated with laundry and the wireless computer network access program, are due on the first of each month and can either be mailed or taken to the Student Services Center, 2201 C.B. Hedgcock.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are located in each building in the Norwood/Center complexes. In the Lincoln Avenue complex, the laundry equipment is in a separate laundry building.

Lease Termination

Generally stated, the tenant must provide the Housing and Residence Life Office with 30 days written notice of their intent to vacate the apartment and will be responsible for rent for 30 days from the date that notice is received. A $150 termination fee will be charged unless the tenant terminates the lease and vacates the apartment during periods specified in the lease. Specific information regarding lease termination is provided in the lease.


Updated:  February, 2018