Students living in the residence halls learn from experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Programs outside of the classroom provide students with the opportunity to learn about themselves, learn about others, and develop their knowledge and skills. Our programming model, DARTS, provides students with opportunities to learn about topics that interest them, as well as those they need to be successful. These programs happen in the residence halls and university apartments and allow faculty and staff from throughout the university to share their knowledge and interests with students living on-campus. 

Housing staff work to invite faculty and staff to present programs surrounding the following topics: 

Diversity – Programs in this area promote and provide information about diversity issues such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, and language.

Academics – Programs in this area are aimed at improving skills such as test taking or studying. These programs may also focus on a broad or specific area of academia such as internships and résumé building, or current events. Programs in this category allow students to learn how to balance their social, work, and academic commitments.

Relationships – The relationships category enables students to strengthen or build new relationships. Programs can focus on relationships with family, friends, significant others, roommates, or others living in the same residence hall community.

Transitions – Transitions programs help students adjust into university life, transition from year-to-year, and prepare for apartment or off-campus living. Programs in this area also focus on job searches and post-graduation preparation.

Self-Awareness – The self-awareness programs provide opportunities for students to be introspective and recognize themselves as individuals, and as community members. These programs may surround issues of sustainability, as well as physical, emotional, and mental health. 

Students who attend DARTS programs will be entered into drawing for gift cards. See a housing staff member for more information.