Bike Storage


As the weather gets colder, the University continues to prepare for the arrival of snow.  One of the things we do to prepare for winter is to move the portable bicycle racks away from the sidewalks and place them near buildings so the Grounds Department staff can safely remove the snow without damaging anyone’s property.  Housing and Residence Life staff will begin moving those racks at Thanksgiving Break.


In order for our staff to be able to move the racks, all bicycles must be removed!  Bicycles left on the moveable racks at Thanksgiving Break will be removed by Housing and Residence Life staff and handled according to University abandoned property procedures; abandoned property will be held for 30 days prior to disposal.  Students who wish to obtain their bicycle after it has been removed from a bicycle rack by University staff will be charged a $25 retrieval fee and can get their bike from the Spooner desk during the Resident Director of Spooner’s office hours.


Bicycles properly attached to the fixed, covered racks near The Woods, Spalding, Magers, Van Antwerp and Hunt Halls can be left in place.  In addition, the bike rack under the awning of Spooner’s lobby entrance will be left in place. Those bicycles will not be removed by University staff.  However, the portable racks located near the covered racks will be moved and the bicycles attached to them must be removed.


Students who are taking their bicycle home at Thanksgiving Break may leave their bicycle on the movable racks until Monday, November 25th.  Students living in a residence hall or University apartment will have the option of storing their bicycle in Spooner Hall through the winter months (until around the first week of April).  Students who store their bicycles will receive an email reminder prior to the pick-up dates.



November 18th,19th,21st (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) from Noon-3pm


November 20th (Wendesday) from 6pm to 8pm



You must live in University housing.

You must have your student ID with you when you take your bicycle to Spooner Hall.

Your bicycle must be registered with NMU Public Safety – this can be done at the Spooner Hall desk before your bike goes into storage.

 IMPORTANT!  Students who do not plan to store their bicycle in Spooner Hall will need to make other storage arrangements – i.e., store it elsewhere or take it home.  Bicycles remaining on the portable racks at Thanksgiving will be removed by University staff.

Please contact your Resident Adviser, Resident Director, Resident Manager or Community Adviser if you have any questions.

If You Think Your Bike Was Removed

Every year a number of bicycles get removed from bike racks and stored in Spooner when the racks are moved by university staff.  If you feel that your bicycle was removed from the racks, please contact Andrew Snitka, the Resident Director of Spooner Hall, to set up a time to discuss your situation since the desk personnel are unable to investigate or give access to bike storage. Andrew may be reached at or 227-2570. You will also need to bring your NMU ID in order to claim your bike if it is in fact stored in Spooner. There is a $25 charge if your bike needed to be removed and stored by university staff.

Bicycles that are not claimed will be handled according to NMU's abandoned property procedures; typically held for 30 days before being disposed of.

Bike Retrieval

If you register and store your bicycle in Spooner hall during the winter, you will receive an email with information on when to retrieve you bike. This typically occurs near the end of the Winter semester. You will need to bring your student ID with you when you come to retrieve your bicycle. Specific information will be posted when it has been determined.


Please contact Andrew Snitka, Resident Director of Spooner Hall, at 227-2570 or, if you have any questions.