Air Conditioners

The use of air conditioners in on-campus housing facilities creates the potential for a number of issues to occur including damage to windows and window frames.  Additionally, air conditioners use a disproportional amount of electricity in order to operate efficiently.

To prevent these issues from occurring, air conditioners of any type are prohibited in residence hall student rooms.  In addition, window air conditioners are prohibited in University apartments.  The installation and use of portable, free standing room air conditioners in University apartments is permitted under certain circumstances.


If a tenant chooses to use a portable room air conditioner, the following conditions must be met and followed:


  1. The unit must be free standing, not a window unit.

  2. The air conditioner must not exceed 16,000 BTU's.

  3. The unit must be installed with a manufacturer's window kit that fits the window in the apartment in which the unit will be installed.  Home-made versions of window kits are not permitted.

  4. The air conditioner's EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) must be higher than 10 which indicates that the unit has an above average energy efficiency.

  5. The tenant must register the air conditioner prior top installation and use.

  6. The tenant agrees to pay the $20 monthly fee from the date the unit is installed through the end of August regardless of the amount of use.  If the air conditioner is installed from the 1st through the 15th of the month, the entire month ($20) will be charged.  If the air conditioner is installed from the 16th through the end of the month, half of the cost of that month ($10) will be charged.  Prorated refunds will only be issued to those tenants who vacate the apartment prior to August 15th.

  7. Once installed, university staff will inspect the unit to make sure it meets the requirements noted above.

  8. If it is determined by university staff that the air conditioner does not meet these conditions, the tenant will remedy the situation within 24 hours or permanently remove the air conditioner.

Registering Your Air Conditioner

Use this form (PDF) to register the air conditioner that will be used in your apartment.  Print the form, fill out the required information, and return the form to the Housing and Residence Life Office (3502 Hedgcock).

Contact the Housing and Residence Life Office (906-227-2874 or 227-2620 or ) for additional information.