Nick Dupras


Nick Dupras

Contingent Assistant Professor
253 Gries Hall



B.S., Northern Michigan University
M.A., University of Leeds
Ph.D., University of Leeds


Dr. Dupras is a medieval historian who focuses on the material culture of pre-modern Europe, especially metalwork and the ways in which society and technology interacted in the Middle Ages.  He also researches the history of science and the development of medieval natural philosophy.  Both of these interests have led to work in experimental archaeology and practical applications of medieval scientific instruments such as the astrolabe to better understand the working practices of medieval craftsmen and scientists alike.

Selected Publications and Presentations

“The Blind Basinet: A New Interpretation of Royal Armouries IV.2,” Arms & Armour 13, no. 1 (2016): 14-27

Ex Astris Scientia (From the Stars, Knowledge): The Astrolabe, a Medieval Scientific Instrument of 1000 Uses,” Sigma Xi Science on Tap series, 2016

“The Armor of King Richard III,” presentation hosted by the Department of History, Northern Michigan University, 2015

“Busy Hammers: The Construction of Armour in Late Medieval Europe,” International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 2011

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