The Move from Magers Hall

December 16, 2004 to January 15, 2005

  • Word had been received that people in Magers Hall would be moved by the start of the new semester 2005.
  • The last official activity in the department was the celebration of St. Lucy's Day (December 13), which is a Swedish holiday.
  • A week later, the semester had ended and people began the epic process of boxing up their offices. 
  • In the week prior to New Year's Day, the move began.  It was a slow process because the whole building had to be cleared.  As a result not  everyone was moved by January 1.
  • Russ Magnaghi had a massive pile of books numbering some 190 boxes, and hired students to pack the boxes.
  • The move began in December and continued into the new year.  Some faculty were upset that they had not been moved on time.
  • Magnaghi took a granite toilet stall wall and broke it into many small souvenir tokens when Chet DeFonso asked if there were going to be any souvenirs of Magers Hall.
  • The process was grueling, and many faculty left town or did not come to campus and missed the "fun." As department head, Magnaghi went back to Magers Hall on numerous occasions to collect phones, furniture, waste baskets, and make a final check of many things.  Finally, even he had had his fill and did not want to reenter Magers Hall.
  • Once the semester began, the temperature dropped 45 degrees in the building until the heater was turned on.
  • The secretaries had their work areas and the mail room in order by the first day of work in 2005. 
  • For a short time, Grace Magnaghi (Dr. Magnaghi's mother)'s two parakeets were kept in the office until the dean found them and asked that they be removed.  People thought they were a nice addition, but were messy.
  • So ended the move to Cohodas, but there was talk that it would be temporary.  It turned out to be the Department's home for ten years.

Moving Day

The packing begins.

Dr. Magnaghi books

Dr. Magnaghi and some of his 190 boxes of books.

New Office

The new office in Cohodas 208.