Supporting History Department Programs

If you are interested in supporting the department financially, thank you! As the department head, I can assure you that any money designated support the history department goes directly to enriching our students experience.

Gifts to the department are used in three main ways:

  • Supporting student travel to conferences
  • Supporting student research opportunities
  • Supporting the department’s teaching assistants

In each of these categories, even a small donation can make a significant difference.

  • $400.00 will supports a teaching assistant for one month – $100.00 will support a TA for one week
    • Able to give more? $1500.00 pays a teaching assistant for an entire semester!
  • $400.00 will cover the average grant to a student to travel to a conference in Michigan or Wisconsin


What our students say about our Teaching Assistants: 

His flexible office hours were great, as were his opinions and advice on how to succeed in this course.

He really took the time out of his schedule and moves things around to let us get ahead and be able to succeed.

She offered help several times throughout the semester. I feel that TA's contribute to a student's success by offering a helping hand in addition to the professor.

I liked how he clarified things for individuals or when we were in groups. He could tell if we were lost and did what he could to help. I think Adam did a wonderful job.


What our Teaching Assistance say about the opportunity:

“Overall, this experience provided me with a fresh perspective on content and insights into new dimensions to teaching that I would not have otherwise experienced, even as part of my education program.” – Jenny Baker

 “Working as a TA for an online course gave me the skillset and confidence to communicate with students digitally. I learned how to use some incredible resources and online teaching tools.” –Allison Luciano

“Regardless of what career I go into, the skills that I learned this semester are valuable and can be applied to many professions. The ability to give presentations and speak publically … are incredibly useful skills…” – Grant Kolean

“… I feel like the communication, critical thinking, time management, and interpersonal skills that I used as a TA will be valuable in whichever career I end up pursuing.” – Emily Winnell

 “This position helped me develop several important skills that are directly applicable to any future profession. Those include organization, working with others as a peer and as a leader, and synthesizing information into a model to be easily interpreted by others.” – Austin Bannister


How to Support the Department:

You can make your gift online. Please click here to give today.

Or you may contact the foundation for more information: 

For additional information, go to or please contact the NMU Foundations office at 906-227-2627 or