Faculty Through the Years


NMU Faculty 1985

NMU History Faculty 1985

Seated (left to right): Stephen Barnwell, Fred Stenkamp, Barry Knight
Standing (left to right): Russell Magnaghi, Ruth Roebke-Berns - Department Head, Jon Saari, Cliff Maier, Jack Greising, Gene D. L. Jones

History Faculty 1990

NMU History Faculty 1990

(left to right) Chet DeFonso, Jon Saari, Richard Sonderegger, Ken Schellhase, Cliff Maier, Ruth Roebke-Berens, John Berens, Barry Knight (rear), Jack Greising, Steve Barnwell, Fred Stenkamp, Russell Magnaghi (Kneeling)

NMU History Faculty 1992

NMU History Faculty 1992

Back row (left to right): Cliff Maier, Fred Stenkamp, Lon Jones, Russell Magnaghi
Front row: Barry Knight - Department Head, Chet DeFonso, Peter Slavcheff, John Saari, Ken Schellhase

NMU History Faculty 1993

NMU History Faculty 1993

(left to right): Russell Magnaghi, Jean Choate, Jon Saari, Ruth Roebke-Berens, Judy DeMark, Barry Knight - Department Head, Chet DeFonso, Ken Schellhase

NMU History Faculty 1994

NMU History Faculty 1994

Back row (left to right): Ken Schellhase, Jean Choate, Chet DeFonso, Mutu Gotoi, Russell Magnaghi, Barry Knight
Front row: Ruth Roebke-Berens, Judy DeMark

Members of the NMU History Faculty and Alumnus, U.P. History Conference, June 2008

(left to right): Steve Brisson, Dan Truckey, Rebecca Mead, Russell Magnaghi


Fred Stenkamp

Former NMU History faculty member Fred Stenkamp