Department Objectives

"We study the Human Condition - Its Problems and Its Promise."

The primary objective of the history faculty is to explore, through our research and with our students, the experiences of the human past. The faculty believe it is essential to be aware of the views, aspirations, and struggles of prior human communities so that we might better understand the problems and promises of our times. The faculty believe that history neither repeats itself or predicts the future, but that it informs our understanding of the present and shapes the possibilities of the future.

Faculty Members at GraduationThrough our teaching, our research, and through the activities of our graduates, the department seeks to further the understanding of the past both inside the university community and beyond its bounds. The course offerings reflect the particular questions and problems of the past that each faculty member seeks to explore and understand through research, study, and teaching. The department shares with the university an ongoing dedication to excellence in teacher education and strives to enrich the lives of our students and enhance their leadership abilities.

The faculty seek to aid its students in developing the skills needed to engage in historical research and analysis. Moreover, we hope to cultivate in our students the skills they will need to become critical and independent thinkers and citizens and that will provide a solid basis for their future intellectual life.

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