Department of History Awards

Dwight B. WaldoDwight B. Waldo Award
Since 1986 the History Department has awarded the "Dwight B. Waldo Award" to an individual or institution that improves the teaching ability and quality of the History Department through special service to the university or a substantial gift in the form of money, books, documents or artifacts. This award was named after the first professor of history at Northern Normal School (1899-1904). Since 1986 it has been awarded to:

  • 1988: Clifford Maier for hard and persistent work against difficult odds developing the University Archives
  • 1989: Martin L. Dolan for establishing the Omicron Mu chapter of Phi Alpha Theta on campus
  • 1991: Msgr. David Spelgatti for donating oral histories and papers on Italian immigration to the University Archives
  • 1994: Willard Cohodas for donating Holocaust materials to the Lydia Olson Library
  • 1996: President William E. Vandament for the extra funds he directed for oral history equipment, summer jobs for students and generally promoting Upper Peninsula history
  • 1999: Thomas G. Friggens for providing summer positions in Living History and museum work for students
  • 2004: Rowena R. Jones for creating the Dr. Gene Jones Scholarship
  • 2004: Grace H. Magnaghi for monetary donations which have covered scholarships, the purchase of the Schoolcraft Papers, and the purchase of most Upper Peninsula newspapers on microfilm for the University Archives
  • 2004: Marion L. Sonderegger for creating the Richard Sonderegger Scholarship and the Sonderegger Symposia
  • 2006: Michael J. Roy
  • 2007: Diane D. Kordich

Outstanding Senior Award
This award is given annually to the graduating senior with the highest GPA, or who otherwise has met the highest standards of academic achievement. A plaque inside the History Department Office lists all the recipients since 1975.