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Protest against child labor, 1909
          Protest against child labor, New York City, 1909

At NMU, the History Department gives students the opportunity to learn about the history of the human race, dating back to ancient civilizations, in a high-tech environment. The department offers three undergraduate history majors and three minors, and participates in an international studies major.  

The history major provides students the necessary background for professional careers in post-secondary teaching, law, politics, business, the ministry, government service, journalism, publishing, archival work, museum work, or historic preservation. The program in secondary education with a major in history or in social studies prepares students for secondary school careers.

The history minor is a general program designed to complement almost any major, while the public history minor exposes students to the principles and practices of community-based historical programs. The teaching minor is an option for students pursuing degrees in secondary education. Students majoring in international studies take courses offered by the History Department to enhance their opportunities for work abroad or in international organizations. Additionally, students often enroll in history courses to meet their liberal studies requirements.