Organization for Outdoor Recreation Professionals

Canoeing CourseThe Organization for Outdoor Recreation Professionals is a student run organization designed to enhance the Outdoor Recreation, Leadership and Management major while drawing on and focusing student’s passion for recreation and the natural environment. While the majority of its members are ORLM majors or minors, all NMU students are welcome.

Throughout the year, OORP is involved in many different activities which are beneficial to the school, the community, the environment and its members. Some of the activities that we participate in are:

  • local recreation area cleanups
  • volunteer work through the nature center
  • volunteer work with under-privileged or at-risk youth
  • organizing hikes for various university and community groups
  • professional conferences across the nation including, but not limited to:
    • National Association for Interpretation
    • Student Outdoor Educators Conference
    • Wilderness Education Association
    • Association for Experiential Education
  • Workshop presentations for campus and the Marquette community
  • The organization and facilitation of guest speakers, movies and other presentations with recreation focuses that are of interest to the student body and Marquette community. Some of the past events have been:
    • Peter Jenkins, author of A Walk Across America
    • Conrad Anker, Mt. Everest mountain climber
    • Joe Jencks, singer/songwriter
    • Frita Warra, local woman who explored the North Pole
    • Scout Cloud Lee, Survivor finalist
    • Warren Miller films
    • Vince Duer, Freshwater surfer and movie producer
    • Paul Petzoldt
    • Joseph Cornell
    • Gary Ferguson
    • Participate in outdoor activities that allow members to apply skills learned in the classroom as well as the physical skills not extensively taught in the major.
  • Hold weekly meetings to discuss upcoming events, professional development, issues/questions/comments about Outdoor Recreation, Leadership and Management curriculum, and discuss ways to accomplish our goals while having FUN!

If you are interested in joining us, or would just like some more information on who we are and what we do feel free to Contact Us .