NMU Exercise Science Graduate Faculty

Sarah Breen, PhD


PEIF 214

Main discipline area: Sport & Exercise Biomechanics

Specific research interests: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury prevention, rehabilitation and long term consequences, Sport Injury, Running/Walking Gait, Balance & Coordination at Altitude, Dynamical Systems Theory, Elderly Function.

Will Direct 2 active Theses concurrently; no limitation on service as Reader.

Scott Drum, PhD


Office #: PEIF 201F | Office phone: 906-227-2195 | Cell: 970-371-2620

Main discipline area: Exercise Physiology

Specific research interests: trail running and load (e.g., water bottle, pack, fuel belt, new technique?) carrying, the training/eating/racing habits of ultra-runners and successful collegiate running programs, exercise gadgets or fads, performance enhancing nutrition (e.g., studying the effects of “new” sport drinks on time trial performance in runners or cyclists), XC skiing, rock climbing/mountaineering, ice climbing and energy expenditure, hypoxia/altitude training, clinical exercise physiology (i.e., cancer and exercise training), obesity and hypoxia, and in general non- traditional sport studies (e.g., energy cost of paddle boarding, etc.).

Will Direct 2-3 active Theses concurrently; no limitation on service as Reader

Yuba Gautam, PhD


PEIF 201G1

Main discipline area: Community Health Education

Specific research interests: emergency care and disease prevention, community health, health communication, sexuality education, cardiovascular disease prevention, international health issues, technology in health education, and health promotion of college students.

Randy Jensen, PhD


PEIF 213

Main discipline area: Biomechanics

Sub area: Statistics

Specific research interests: Strength conditioning, plyometrics, cycling, swimming, triathlon, kinematic (motion) analysis, kinetic (force) analysis, statistics

Will Direct 2 or 3 active Theses concurrently; no limitation on service as Reader.

Lanae Joubert, PhD


PEIF 221

Main discipline area: Nutrition and Sport Science; Nutrition Education

Specific research interests: Sports nutrition, dietary supplements, metabolic aspects of exercise, energy expenditure, heart disease risk factors, education; most familiar with these sports/activities: swimming, rock climbing, mt. biking, yoga, hiking, triathlon.

Will Direct 1 active Thesis; no limitation on service as Reader.

Maggy Moore, PhD



Main Discipline Area: Athletic Training

Sub Area: Epidemiology, Motor Development, Cognition

Specific research interests: primarily interested in migraine, youth concussion, balance, perceptions of risk or perceptions in AT. I also enjoy anything regarding eating disorders and clinical based research in exercise.

Will Direct up to 2-3 active concurrent Theses. No limitation on service as a Reader.

Erich Petushek, PhD


PEIF 220

Main discipline area: Sports Medicine and Human Factors

Specific research Interest: applied expertise, psychological measurement, cognitive science, biomechanics, musculoskeletal injury prevention, and qualitative movement analysis/judgment.

Will Direct up to one active Thesis; Will serve as Reader for up to one Thesis.

Julie Rochester, EdD


PEIF 237

Main discipline area: Athletic Training

Specific research interests: Qualitative methods. Particular interest in job/career satisfaction, leadership styles, student perceptions & interactions, impact on learning.

Has served as Reader for Thesis work. No limitation on service as reader.

Elizabeth Wuorinen, PhD



Main discipline area: Exercise Physiology

Sub discipline: Immunology

Specific research interests: Hormonal regulation of food intake; exercise effects on the psychophysical aspects of hunger; exercise endocrinology; exercise immunology; exercise and nutritional effects on protein and antioxidant changes in plasma. Previously has been a head track & field and cross country coach.