Exercise Science Graduate Assistantships

BikeThe exercise science program normally carries eight graduate assistant positions each year.  Graduate assistants are assigned responsibilities that may include teaching laboratory sections for exercise physiology or anatomical/mechanical kinesiology, teaching in the Health Promotion activities program, working with Northern Michigan University's adult fitness program (GETFIT), and/or assisting faculty with research. 

Graduate assistants are typically assigned a semester workload equivalent to 16-20 hours per week and receive a stipend plus tuition waiver for 16 credits per year. Applicants interested in being considered for a graduate assistant award must meet the standards listed under admission requirements for regular admission.  In addition, graduate assistant applicants must submit three letters of recommendation, provide a one-page personal statement, and provide an assessment of the ability to teach health promotion and physical activities, science laboratory sections, and perform in an exercise leadership role and/or research role.

Graduate assistants who are teaching courses must complete the GA teaching checklist, which provides a good understanding of a student's areas of interest and levels of competence for various health and fitness-related courses.  Both the links for the checklist and graduate assistantship application are located below.