Athletic Training Career Information

To be employed anywhere in the United States as an Athletic Trainer, you must first be certified by the Board of Certification. Following national certification, depending on which state you live in, you may also need to apply for registration and licensure. Currently, interstate regulation of athletic trainers varies.

Where do athletic trainers work?

High Schools
Athletic trainers work in many high schools across the United States. They can be hired directly by the high school, but many are contracted out from nearby sports medicine clinics and hospitals. Additionally, some athletic trainers working in high school settings become certified to teach to augment their career.

Athletic trainers are hired in nearly 100 percent of the colleges and universities across the United States. Job responsibilities vary depending on the individual institution. Some jobs include single-team coverage, while others require teaching physical education, health or athletic training courses in addition to sport team coverage.

Sports Medicine Clinics/Hospital Rehabilitation Centers
Athletic trainers, in these settings, may work totally in the clinic/hospital or may be contracted out, some percent of their time, to a local high school, club athletic team or a college/university.

Industrial Setting
The newest job setting for athletic trainers is in the industrial setting. Recently, major corporations like GM and Ford Motor Company have begun hiring athletic trainers in these settings to develop rehabilitation/injury prevention programs for ”industrial athletes.”

Professional Setting
Athletic trainers work with professional athletic teams, including: football, tennis, basketball, hockey, baseball and a variety of other sports.

The professional organization for athletic trainers is:
National Athletic Trainers’ Association
2952 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75247
Telephone: 214- 637-6282
Web site: