Lenny Shible, M.Ed.
Health Promotion Specialist

Lenny is the Health Promotion Specialist on campus.  Lenny was born and raised in Maine and has worked at NMU for over a decade. In his time off, Lenny can be found bike riding with his wife Cheri, fishing, or enjoying Tigers baseball. If you want an update on the Tigers stop in and meet him!

Bernadette Norden
Principal Secretary

Center for Student Enrichment

               Meet Haley, Brook, & Alex!

Haley Mahr
Student Health Educator
Community Health Education, 2015

Haley is a Community Health Education major and minor in Health & Nutrition. She loves food and wants to pursue a career in Nutrition. Haley enjoys trail running, swimming, camping, and baking. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a healthy spin on some great treats, stop in and chat with Haley!

Brook Adams
Student Health Educator
Community Health Education, 2016

Brook is a Community Health Education major with a minor in Spanish. She is from Quincy, Michigan and loves the 8 hour drive to Marquette. She is an outdoor enthusiast and loves kayaking and hiking. 

Alex Kerlin
Student Health Educator

Management of Health and Fitness, 2015

Alex is currently studying health and fitness and her dream job is to be a traveling massage therapist / nutritionist. Outside of the office, you may find Alex snowboarding, running, camping, or hanging out at her favorite coffee shop Baby Cakes downtown. Alex also recently became a vegan, so if you have any questions about eating and fitness, come stop by the office!