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* Summer hours: Pharmacy is 10a-4p, clinic is 8a-4p and lab 8a-4p (lab closed for lunch from noon to 12:30) * WELCOME Orientation students and families, feel free to stop by and drop off immunization information, or fax to 906-227-2332. (Please list NMU IN on any documentation). The NMU Health Center (Family practice providers, lab services and pharmacy) is dedicated to providing quality care to NMU students, faculty and staff as well as their spouses and eligible dependents. Please make sure to have your insurance card and date of birth of the cardholder. An appointment reminder system in place (calls, emails will be sent) Kindly cancel or reschedule if unable to make appointment so that we may better serve another person needing to be seen. Please check in for your appointment, if late, appt will have to be rescheduled. Patient portal is available at: http://www.healthportalsite.com/nmuhc

Medical Excuses

The NMU Health Center will not provide students with medical excuses for absences from class or missed deadlines due to short term illness or injury. For more information, read our entire policy here.  Communication with your instructors/work is key.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

We value you as a patient and will be sending out satisfaction surveys via email, if you would kindly complete when you receive.  Paper surveys available at the health center.

If a situation is life threatening, call the campus emergency telephone number 911, or go directly to the UP Health Systems Emergency Department located on the west side of the hospital between College Avenue and Magnetic Street.  The Superior Walk-In Center is also available until 9 p.m. and is located on US41 near Honor Credit Union and Buffalo Wild Wings.The Health Center provides a variety of services including acupuncture (CPT 97810), acute care, allergy shots, immunizations, and HIV counseling and testing. We have two staff physicians, family nurse practitioner, RNPlease tell us if you are an actively enrolled student or faculty/staff member, and provide your current address, phone, e-mail and insurance at each visit. Advise the front end staff if you have recently been to the emergency room, walk-in center or other provider so we may get the most current records on file for your visit.

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NMU Health Center (Vielmetti) healthcenter@nmu.edu 906-227-2355http://www.healthportalsite.com/nmuhc