Post-Award Grant Management

the grant award process


The Grants and Contracts Office is responsible for preparing, interpreting, negotiating, and accepting agreements for all sponsored projects funded via grants, cooperative agreements, reimbursement agreements or contracts. Grants and Contracts also prepares and negotiates all subawards for collaborative research. Grants and Contracts’ specific responsibilities during the post award management process include:

  • Advising the PI and project personnel during the period of the award regarding his/her obligations under the terms and conditions of the award.
  • Serving as the office of record for all awards.
  • Advising faculty and staff regarding the sponsor's and University's prior approval requirements for changing aspects of the project.
  • Reviewing award modifications to ensure the scope of work and terms and conditions are acceptable to the PI and are consistent with University policies.
  • Accepting or executing modifications to sponsored agreements (grants, cooperative agreements or contracts) on behalf of Northern Michigan University.
  • Distributing award documents and award synopsis to the PI and appropriate academic and administrative units.
  • Interpreting sponsor policies, University policies and federal and state regulations related to the terms and conditions of the award, the conduct of the project and the delivery/reporting of project results.
  • Serving as a liaison between the PI, project staff, administrative unit staff, and sponsor.
  • Assisting with disputes on contractual terms.
  • Monitoring and coordinating the submission of project reports required by the terms of the award and the administrative closeout of the project when the award expires.