Celebration Student winners

Thursday, April 12, 2012 marked the annual symposium of student presentations highlighting research, creative works and academic service learning by NMU undergraduate and graduate students. Featured are the winning posters in group, undergraduate and graduate categories.

Poster Awards

Justine Pinskey

Graduate Poster winner: "Vitamin D3 Inhibits the Proliferation of Cultured Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells"
Justine M. Pinskey, graduate student, biology department
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Robert Winn

Matthew Keiser

Undergraduate Poster winner: "Seedling Establishment of the Federally Threatened Pitcher's Thistle Across a Successional Gradient in the Grand Sable Dunes"
Matthew Keiser, undergraduate student, biology department
Faculty Adviser: Alan Rebertus

Danielle Brough and Abigail Jacques

Group Poster winner: "Substrate Preference of Rhinichthys cataractae in the Absence of High Velocity Water"
Abigail Jacques and Danielle Brough, undergraduate students, biology department
Faculty Adviser: Jill Leonard

Student Technology Innovation Awards

Matt Claucherty

Project title: "Using GIS to Model Least-cost Travel Paths through Wilderness Areas"
Matt Claucherty; undergraduate student; earth, environmental, and geographic sciences department
Faculty Adviser: Robert Legg

Samantha Randolph

Project title: "Order & Chaos (Processing Processes"
Samantha Randolph; undergraduate student; art and design, graphic communications
Faculty Adviser: Keith Ellis