Human Subjects in Research

DNAWhile private and federal funding sources for research have produced an increase of beneficial knowledge through research, they have also impacted guidelines for human subjects in research. Although most researchers seek to observe ethical research practices, history is replete with examples of researchers mistreating and abusing human subjects. Populations subject to misconduct have included, but are not limited to students, prisoners, disenfranchised and disadvantaged members of society, institutionalized patient populations, laboratory assistants and others. Ethical violations in research have led to national and international efforts to develop ethical principles and codes to protect the welfare and rights of human research subjects.

The links to the left are provided to ensure that all NMU faculty, staff and students involved in using human subjects in their research do so in a way that meets the university’s high academic and ethical standards.

**Please note that in compliance with the New Common Rule Policy, the NMU Human Subject Research Policy and documents have been updated. Please use the links below when referencing policy or submitting protocols for review.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Guidelines and Policy


Application and Forms

Consent Form Templates and Examples


*NOTE: CITI Human Subjects modules expire after four years. 


Research Compliance & Ethics 


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